Alexander Beskov. Sochi

According to a myth, at least two traditions come from the Caucasus. In memory of his release Prometheus made a ring from his chains, inserted a stone saturated with blood into it and put it on his finger - that was the first finger-ring on Earth. We may suppose that stone to be jasper. Jasper is pierced with red veins of haematite, there are two jasper fields in the vicinity, and finally, jasper was admired greatly by Greeks at that time. Celebrating his victory over the eagle, Heracles pu on a wreath of myrtle or laurel (according to different sources) - that's the way the winners of the Olympic Games have been honored since then.

Zeus marked Heracles's accurate shooting by placing the constellation of Sagittarius in the sky. Thai may point to the 22nd of November as the date of the earthquake. One can estimate the year as well - fathers and grandfathers of the heroes of the Trojan War which finished around 1260 B.C. took part in the argonauts' expedition.

Scarlet red flowers rose from the fallen drops of Prometheus's blood. With the balsam made from those flowers Medea brough Jason's warriors back to life.
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