Alexander Beskov. Sochi

Mythologists from different countries believe that Odysseus met the one-eyed Cyclop on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. And the most appropriate place for this scena is the above mentioned Akhshtyrskaya Cave because of its closeness to the sea, the landscape, the vegetation around and the aborigines' customs of that time which gave the Black Sea its ancient name of the Ungracious Sea (Pontos Axeinos). According to Aristoteles (the 4th century B.C.), Achaeans and Heniokhs - the first tribes noticed to live here - were in the habit of eating strangers from Greece. Strabo offered two versions: one of them says that "Achaeans (who lived) by the Pontos were the colonists of the Orchomens (i.e. of the Orchomen family) who roamed in the region after the seizure of Troy"; the other one suggest that "this Achaea was settled by the Achaeans-Phthyots from Jason's detachment". Compare with Odysseus's words in the poem by Homer (the 8th century B.C.) who tells the Cyclop that they are Achaeans sailing from distant Troy and that thay have been brough there by a storm which led them astray. Antic Greeks chose places fro the future settlements carefully. Articles of Hellenic origin are being found in Sochi in different places, for example in the Bolshaya Vorontsovskaya Cave. Thay founded a colony and the town of Dioscuria near Sukhumi, but in Sochi they were given the could shoulder.

Those who will read "Odyddey" carefully should know that the Greek word for "island" also meant a land between two adjacent rivers and that "... in the Homeric epoch the Pontos (Black) Sea was considered something like the second Ocean... The Pontos Sea was though to be the largest one in our part of the inhabited world... May be that's why Homer changed the scene (of the names) would be quite admissible in respect to the Pontos..." (Strabo, "Geography", the 1st century B.C.)
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