Alexander Beskov. Sochi

Modern Sochi is stretched along the Eastern coast of the Black Sea to the length of 145 km (the beach strip is 118 km long). It is the longest city not only in Russia but on the whole continent. It is situated on the same latitude as the Gobi desert and the City of Toronto.

Sochi has a unique climate - the northernmost damp subtropics in the world neighbor upon eternal ice here. More than 90% of the territory of Sochi are occupied by the mountains and foothills of the Western Caucasus. The area of the city belongs to a state national natural park and partly - to the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve. Due to all the resort features one can imagine - a caressing sun, a warm sea, icy mountains, pure air, mineral waters, mud-baths, and comfortable hotels, sanatoria, boarding-houses, rest homes, and tourists centers - Sochi is justly called "the capital of health resorts".
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