Alexander Beskov. Sochi

To M.Provice Government Comissioner of Chernomorskaya Province.

Petition. On March 4 of the current year the residents, male and female, of Chludov's (former public) plots, Katkovo-Leontiev's plots, Nadezhda Village and New Sochi Village, all of which actually form one whole place of residence, have gathered at a general meeting and decided:

  1. To unite in one common settlement named Chludovo and form a separate district unit.
  2. To take general direct, equal and secret vote and to elect a temporary committee of 7 members which will be authorized to govern the settlement.

...Chludovo Village Administration has the honor to beg M.Comissioner to register Chludovo Village as a separate district unit.

... Meanwhile the town of Sochi wants us to join it. We do not want to be a town at all. All of us have settled here wishing to escape from towns, looking for a nook at the coast where we could live away from urban noise, dust and dirt - all that is peculiar to towns in general, including Sochi. So let the New Government not interfere with us to establish our settlement and its cultural tasks by ourselves, by means and efforts of our community, as a separate district unit, and let us not be joined to the town, for we have our legal right being divided from the town by geographical river Sochi and occupying a territory of more than a thousand acres, that is almost twice the territory of Sochi.

April 19, 1917
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