Alexander Beskov. Sochi

The Civil War in the South of Russia finished in Sochi. On May 4th, 1920 the remains of the White Guard abandoned by their commander General Denikin not long before capitulated under the onslaught of the Red Army. Having paid a tribute to the climate, the new authority declared the city an All-Union foremost building. Sanatorium architectural ensambles, theatres, railway station buildings, viaducts were designed by the celebrated architects Zholtovsky, Schusev, Schuko, Chernopyatov, Vesnin, Alabyan and others.

Many of the places became sightseeing objects immediately after the opening. Ioseph Stalin liked to have a rest in Sochi. In the cottage oh «the father of peoples» in Zelyonaya Roscha still painted camouflage green there are some rooms with the furnishings of that time preserved. Sometimes they are shown to the visitors.
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