Alexander Beskov. Sochi

If you want to see a candy-tree, a fig-tree, an iron-trees, a soapberry-tree, a tulip-tree, a strawberry-tree, a sakura in bloom or a Magonia Billa - you must visit the Dendrarium park. A collection of more than a thousand of species from all the continents is on show here. This subtropical park, the largest one in Russia, was founded in 1892 by Sergey Nikolayevich Khudekov (1837 - 1928), the author of the well-known «History of Dansing» in four volumes, the publisherand the editor of the newspaper «Peterbourgskaya Gazeta», an owner of stud farms, an Honorary Justice of the Peace of St.Petersburg and the nobility leader in Skopino.

The park was decorated with sculptures by P.Capellaro and A.Duranne which were highly admired. And here is what was said in the beginning of the 20th century about the cast-iron vases made in Russia: «The house is situated in the heart of the park and is surrounded by palm-trees; immense stairways lead to it, spoilt with various Kuznetsov's decorations.» A prophet is not without honour save in his own country. Today «Kuznetsov's decorations» are collected by the museums of the world. However the manufacturer Matvey Sidorovich Kuznetsov was better known as the father of the Russian china-ware. He had been supplying the Emperor's Court with china for many years, he had the right to use the National Emblem and constantly achieved high rewards on art and industrial exhibitions.

Roaming about the park take notice of the fountain «Fairy-Tale» (designed by V.F.Bogatyryov). To the moment of its mounting in 1969 (amd may be till now) this was the only stone fountain in the world made by the method of casting - melted basalt was cast in moulds.
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