Alexander Beskov. Sochi

The dolmen culture in Sochi is represented in all the forms of it: one can find here trough-shaped, horseshoe-shaped and slab "houses of stone". There is even a unique monolithic dolmen. It was cut in a single block of sandstone. An ancient local legend says that these "houses" were built by giants for the dwarfs who rode heres. According to the latest hypothesis they are sacral cult constructions with the sun orientation.

In the region of Greater Sochi there remained more than a hundred dolmens They are 5 to 3.5 thousand years old. They were built at the same time as the pyramids in Egypt and, as it is surmised, by a similar technology - using collective hand labour, ropes, levers an rollers. The stone blocks each weighting many tons are joint together with amazing precision.

One of the builders has left us his portrait carved in stone, but his people vanished in the past without leaving a trace.
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