Alexander Beskov. Sochi

In the Black Sea there are bull-calves, cows, cats, dogs, cocks, foxes, dragons and devil living in clover. Occasionally a swordfish comes here. As you guess, we are speaking of the inhabitants of the deep. Only the upper layer of the sea is inhabited though - down to 200 meters in the vicinity of the shores and down to hundred meters in the central part of the sea; deeper is the kingdom of sulphureted hydrogen. There is a hypothesis saying that the salubrious Matsesta sulphur springs are nourished from here through cracks in the ground rock.

A great number of rivers and brooks (more than fifty on the territory of Sochi) flow into the Black Sea, distilling the salt water coming from the Mediterranean Sea via the Bosporus. Starfish and sea-urchins don't like this and you won't find them here, but the pricky shark is quite wide-spread. The sharks of the Black Sea never exceed the length of two meters and will never do any harm to a man.

About clever dolphins, ancient sturgeons and the sad fate of the Black Sea oysters you will be told during an excursion on a yacht.
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